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Useful beauty gadgets that save time and money

How nice to come to the salon, where you will get a massage in aromatic oil. Relax in a comfortable chair while you are doing manicure, relax in the office of a beautician and enjoy the process of taking care of yourself without remorse for the time spent – the dream of many residents of the metropolis. But constant deadlines, meetings, business trips, checks – there is no time left for such a rhythm, and if you find it, then a sense of rush does not allow you to enjoy either the process or the result. What to do? Create the conditions for a home spa! In this we are helped by gadgets that work no worse than salon ones. Do not believe? Then study our selection with expert opinion.


Styler Dyson Airwrap for different types of hair.

The best part about this gadget is that as an ideal man, it will suit everyone. If you have porous and dense hair, the styler will visually smooth and straighten them. Thin and without volume will raise at the roots. Curly – straightens, straight – spin. In general, a universal soldier with whom you can forget about the daily expenses for laying in the cabin.

This is really a gadget, not just a hair dryer with a comb: a styler checks the air temperature more than 40 times per second and regulates the heating so that the temperature does not rise above 150 ° C. If you are afraid that you will not be able to style your hair, do not worry: with the help of special technology, the hair is pulled to the nozzle independently, you do not need to touch the hot curling iron with your hands or twist – it will do everything for you.

There are seven nozzles in the set, which provide a field for experiments, and the foundation itself. The styler is ready for our business trips and trips – it weighs only half a kilogram, and also comes with an eco-leather storage case that looks good.



Smart face mask Foreo UFO.

This thing is really smart: in one device, and photorejuvenation, and a massager, and heating and cooling technologies for better penetration of the mask (selected according to your preference, by the way). In general, this is the first smart face mask in the world. It was developed in Sweden, and the ingredients are Korean. To start the gadget, you need to download the application to your phone, connect to the device via Bluetooth and scan the barcode of the mask that you will use. Using the UFO application, it will automatically configure itself and will be ready for use. The device is very small in size, comfortably in the hand. The mask is USB rechargeable and lightweight, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go.

The whole procedure takes only 2 minutes, and this, you see, is a huge time saver.

It must be borne in mind that gadgets cannot 100% replace a full-fledged procedure in the office of a cosmetologist. However, with regular use, beauty devices can maintain good skin condition. This is especially true for those patients who, for various reasons (busy schedules, lack of funds, frequent trips), cannot visit a cosmetologist.

Important recommendation: before purchasing any device, you need to consult your cosmetologist and decide which gadget is right for your skin type, it is recommended that you testify (depending on existing problems) and determine the frequency of use of the device. Once again I repeat that with skillful use, such high-tech devices are able to maintain skin in good condition and save your time on a visit to the beautician.



Photoepilator Philips Lumea.

Unfortunately, progress has not yet reached the invention of a tool for getting rid of unwanted hair at once and forever. So far, the closest to this dream of many women is laser and photoepilation, which is completely non-budgetary in the salons. The whole problem is that even if you come to the proposed 10 sessions, your hair will continue to grow, because of which the procedure will have to be repeated. For our savings, Philips has created the Lumea home epilator: at a cost it does not exceed a three-month course of hair removal, but the result is the same. The kit includes curved nozzles for all areas: face, bikini, axillaries and body. The photoepilator works with all shades of skin and hair, except for very dark skin, as well as very light, red and gray hair.

Lamp resources will last for more than 20 years of use, and there, perhaps, they will come up with something else.


Hand massager Bork D604.

“Tunnel Syndrome” – a violation of the nervous system of the hands during long work at the keyboard, which this device is struggling with. The massager works in five modes – these are different types of massage and degree of intensity. The external panel displays the status of the battery, and the inside is made of soft fabric that does not absorb odors. One massage session lasts 15 minutes.


Any device with massage vibrations improves blood circulation. Thanks to this effect, tiredness and pain in the hands will go away. An ideal gadget for professionals who work all day at the computer.



HiSmile Teeth Whitening System.

This gadget was invented and developed in the USA according to all medical standards: it is suitable for sensitive teeth, does not harm enamel and whitens teeth in 4-7 tones. The active component of the gel, which is applied directly to the device, is the most harmless of all that is used today in the field of whitening. When exposed to a Blue-Ray lamp, active oxygen is released, which destroys all staining elements on the teeth. A session takes only 10 minutes.


The safety of the HiSmile system is achieved due to the very low content of hydrogen peroxide – this component is the main active element of absolutely all bleaching systems.

The difference is only in the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the gel: in a professional bleaching system, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is at least 15-16%, and in the HiSmile kit, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is 0.08%.

The manufacturer’s recommendation before starting to use the drug to do professional hygiene, since if you do not remove plaque from your teeth, only he will be bleached. Also, after the procedure, you should not use anything coloring, only with professional whitening, a “white diet” is recommended for two weeks, and at home – 2 hours. The product is good, but bleached no more than one tone.

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