Thin Hair Care: 7 Golden Rules

Rule number 1: use sulfate-free shampoo

Thin hair is most often prone to oily – quickly get dirty at the roots. To make the strands look neat, they need to be washed more often. Sulfate shampoo can dry the scalp, causing peeling. Our body works on a compensatory basis. The drier the scalp, the stronger the secretion. Keep this in mind!

Rule number 2: do not use oil every day

Daily use of oil can make thin strands heavier. And this in turn provokes loss. Choose products that have the mark “for thin hair”.

Rule number 3: do not abuse masks with hydrolyzed proteins


Hydrolyzed proteins are a great way to fill in the empty space under the flakes and deal with split ends. But, if abused, proteins stick to the hair, making them heavier. As a result – loss.

Rule number 4: regularly clean the scalp

Deep shampoos and peels should be your best friends. They help cleanse the hair and scalp from the remnants of styling products, excess sebum, salts of heavy metals.

Rule number 5: choose light styling

Strong fixation is not your option. Laying should be easy. In addition, styling should provide additional volume at the roots. As a rule, such information is on the package.

Rule number 6: do not use regularly dry shampoos

Dry shampoo is a great way to refresh the styling and add extra volume to the roots. But they must not be abused. The regular use of such funds is a sure way to dryness, the consequences of which we have already mentioned.

Rule number 7: use a conditioner that matches your hair type

“For oily hair,” is not an empty phrase. The funds may indeed vary in composition. In conditioners for oily hair, for example, less oil. Keep this in mind when going on a beauty shop.

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