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Scrub, peeling or enzymes: what to choose


Sample of natural red scrub on white background.

The principle of action of any scrub is exfoliation of dead skin cells that interfere with metabolic processes. This effect is achieved using abrasive particles. Most often, their role is played by: salt, sugar – when it comes to body scrubs, crushed shell nuts or apricot kernels for the face. Some manufacturers use microplastic particles – not the best option.

Fashion for scrubbing came to us from Asia. There, such remedies are considered almost a panacea for any skin problems. But there is a nuance. The skin of Asian women is denser than European – it is more resistant to mechanical stress. In Slavs, abrasive particles scratch the skin, damaging it and leaving micro damage- the “gate” for infection.

If you have problematic skin prone to oily, forget about scrubs once and for all!

Scrubbing particles spread the infection – once, twice – the scrub breaks the protective barrier that needs to be restored, not destroyed.

In our system of purification, this type of remedy is not for these reasons.


Cosmetic scrub gel and liquid with bubbles macro, top view.

Peelings have a slightly different principle of action than scrubs. They “dissolve” particles of the “dead” epidermis. Most often, manufacturers use acids in the role of these “solvents”. Fruit ones are very popular: apple, lemon and others.

I am not against acid peels, but you need to use them wisely. Here the main principle is “in the spoon is the medicine, in the cup is the poison”. The fact is that peels can shift the pH of the skin. And it normally should be neutral – vary from 4.7 to 5.7 so as not to be disturbed by the microbiome. Otherwise, the skin becomes vulnerable to bacteria, toxins and allergens.



Enzymes are by far the safest and most delicate way. For those who are not yet in the know, these are protein compounds that act as enzymes in many chemical processes of the body, starting and inhibiting them. Normally, our skin itself produces enzymes. For them to work, it is important not to change the pH of the skin and not to destroy the protective layer. Due to the fact that they are related and understandable to the body, it responds well to them.

We add them to ubtan, foams, masks and make peeling for the scalp and shampoo for deep cleaning based on them.

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