Massage comb, crest, brushing: types of combs

Massage, semicircular and skeletal comb, brushing and comb … We deal with the expert in the types of hair combs for hair and the material of their manufacture. Which ones are suitable for thick and straight hair, and which ones for thin and curly hair, read our article.


Many people pay attention to hair care products, forgetting that the comb affects the quality of our strands. First of all, her choice depends on the type of hair: for example, for very thick and voluminous hair, combs with teeth of different lengths are ideal, for thin hair it is better to choose soft semicircular combs, and for a scalp prone to greasy, a natural wood brush can be useful.

It is worth paying attention to the quality of the comb, trusting professional brands. And do not forget about hygiene: do not give your comb even to very close people, also ideally it should be washed every day.

It is important to understand the types of combs: for example, massage can never replace brushing during styling, and brushing can not be used as untangling strands.

Now in order.

Massage and semicircular comb.

Suitable for daily use of all types of hair. But for combing wet strands, you should choose a comb without round balls on the teeth. If you have thin hair, then the teeth should be sparse.
The comb is suitable for combing thick hair, straight or curly. It is also used during styling to divide the hair into strands, parting. Using the comb, it’s convenient to distribute hair care products: conditioners, masks, oils. Recently, natural wooden combs are especially relevant, which help get rid of static electricity.


This type of comb with rare teeth is sometimes called “fish bone”. It is used to create a basal volume. Suitable for any type of hair.



A round comb that can replace the curling iron or ironing. At the same time, brushing with natural bristles is best used for straightening, and with ceramic – to create curls. It is worth paying attention to the diameter: a large diameter (45-60 mm) is suitable for straightening long hair and twisting the ends, medium (35-45 mm) is ideal for straightening hair of medium length, creating curls and root volume, small (less than 35 mm) used to straighten very curly hair or create small curls.

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