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Laser hair removal, safe or not

Laser hair removal is now considered the most innovative way to get rid of unwanted hair. The types of lasers are regularly improved, and the procedure has more and more fans. The effectiveness of the procedure captivates: for 6-10 trips to a specialist (depending on individual characteristics and the type of apparatus used), you can permanently get rid of hair.

The whole story has only one problem: the effects of the laser on the human body are not completely known. This is due to the fact that we are dealing with a relatively young procedure. The first laser was invented in 1960. And it turned out to be extremely unsuccessful: its effect on the skin led to injuries and burns. In the 70s, alexandrite lasers appeared – safer, but still slow and inefficient. It took 40 years to develop an effective laser system for hair removal.

Some girls are concerned about laser exposure to internal organs. But gynecologists dispel this myth:

Modern laser devices are usually very accurately calibrated to the depth at which they produce their effect. With good quality apparatus and a well-conducted procedure, there should not be any effect on the internal organs. This method of getting rid of hair is safe when it is used by a qualified person. But it must be borne in mind that damage is permissible if, for example, a doctor has violated the power of the device. There should not be any pathological effect, since the depth of exposure is small. If the girl has no other problems with the reproductive system, then in the future there should not be any problems.


How to understand that the clinic or salon where you do hair removal can be trusted
Experts recommend doing laser hair removal in medical centers and clinics. “The clinic and the beauty salon are not the same thing. The indisputable advantage of the clinic are specialists. This is a medical institution, and its staff is made up of qualified doctors – doctors with higher medical education: dermatocosmetologists or dermatovenerologists who have undergone a specialized advanced training course in the field of “cosmetology. They not only know perfectly well the human anatomy and physiology, but they also clearly understand what the impact on the organism of one or another hardware technology is, what is the mechanism of the resulting effect .

Other manipulations are carried out by specialists in hardware cosmetology with a secondary medical education who have passed the specialization of “cosmetology” and a mandatory training course on the technologies with which they work. Unlike clinics, in beauty salons, employees without medical education are often involved in hardware cosmetology, who have completed short cosmetic courses and are aware only of the sequence of work on this device.

And of course, all devices and drugs that are used in the clinic are certified. All this can be clarified when contacting the clinic.


Safety and how to prepare for laser hair removal.

1. Plucking and lightening hair (tweezers, waxing, shugaring and laser hair removal are incompatible. Laser operation is directly related to the pigment of the hair under the skin, and if it is not there, then the beam will simply not be affected).

2. Chemical peels (2 weeks before and after the hair removal procedure).

3. Two days before and two days after hair removal, use scarps and creams with glycolic acid and retinol.

4. Autobronzants will also have to be postponed for a couple of weeks (this is especially true if facial hair is removed).

5. Sun exposure without cream with SPF 2 weeks before and after the procedure is undesirable – the tissues become more sensitive to ultraviolet rays. If you already have a tan, consult your doctor about the possibility of the procedure.

If you have heard of cases of burns after laser hair removal, this could happen for several reasons: an unskilled specialist who violated safety precautions; uncertified device (this is very dangerous: even in the absence of burns, there is no guarantee of the absence of complications); violation by the patient of safety rules.


Wax or laser hair removal?

Another common stereotype: the eternal confrontation of lasers and waxing. In fact, experts advise combining two procedures.Everyone has a different motivation to switch to a laser: someone is tired of constantly removing hair, someone wants to get rid of hair in some areas for a long time, and they do not bother him at all in others. They do not grow quickly and, on the whole, it is not a problem once a month to come to waxing. Someone for a natural lifestyle and chooses the most “natural” way to remove hair

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