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How to wash your face: important recommendations from a cosmetologist

Do not rule out neither morning nor evening.

There is a myth that with a cleanser you need to wash only in the evening, and in the morning it is enough to rinse your face with water. This is not true!

In the evening, we wash off makeup, dust and toxins. During the night, the skin peels on its own and releases even more sebum and sweat than during the day. Theoretically, in the morning it is even dirtier – at night the skin actively worked and regenerated. Therefore, be sure to use a cleansing gel or foam twice a day.


Do not be afraid of surfactants.

No need to be afraid of surfactants (surfactants) and look for products that do not contain them. Without surfactants, you will not be able to effectively cleanse the skin – the remnants of cosmetics and pollution caused by the environment affect much worse than cleansing components.

Do not hold the cleanser on the skin.
A cleanser is not a mask. If you have soaped your face and want the makeup to dissolve, do not leave the foam for more than 20-30 seconds. Tip: it is better to soap the skin 2-3 times, and rinse immediately than hold for a long time.


Always rinse micellar water.

All hydrophilic oils and micellar water must be washed off! And not just water, but a cleansing foam.

If a product dissolves mascara and foundation, imagine what it can do with the skin! Micelles are lipids (oily substances) that cannot be washed off without the aid of foam or gel. A simple comparison: if you wipe a dirty plate with vegetable oil, the food that sticks to it will get wet and go away, but the surface of the plate will still remain greasy. So with the skin!


Scrubbing – no more than 1-2 times a week.

Be sure to exfoliate the skin – you must help it renew. But if you do scrubbing or peeling more often 1-2 times a week, instead of removing dead scales, you can damage the top layer and the protective barrier.


Sponges for washing – absolutely not.

I am strongly against sponges and sponges for the face – this is a hotbed of bacteria, you can never rinse them properly. The only option is to wash your face with a new sponge every time.


If you use a brush – boil the nozzle.

Electric brushes like Clarisonic are a good way to cleanse, replacing a scrub. I advise you to use them no more than 1-2 times a week. But like sponges, brushes get dirty quickly – you can’t imagine how many bacteria remain between the villi even after washing with soap. Therefore, my advice is to spray the nozzle with boiling water before each use.


After washing, use a tonic.

Many girls believe that tonic is not an obligatory stage of a beauty routine. This is a blunder. The tonic is the final step of your cleansing, it normalizes the Ph-balance, broken in the process of washing. In addition, after the tonic, you may not need a moisturizer – it may be enough.

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