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How to get rid of bags and bruises under the eyes when patches and masks do not help

The skin around the eyes is different from the whole face: it has less sebaceous glands, and it is 3-5 times thinner. Therefore, the hydration processes in this area are worse: the older you get, the more problems arise in this area. Wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, overhanging eyelid. To solve these problems, as well as to prevent signs of aging, you need not only a homemade beauty routine with masks, patches and special creams, but also hardware, injection cosmetology. Together with  a dermatovenerologist and dermatocosmetologist at the Remedy Lab clinic, we figure out how to choose the right procedure.


Dark circles under the eyes are blue-violet due to thinning of the skin – the capillaries begin to shine and give off an unpleasant shade. A dark brown color appears due to pigmentation – with such “symptoms” it is better to refuse tanning and not neglect the means with SPF.

Swelling under the eyes appears from fatty tissue, which accumulates fluid and stretches the skin. The collagen framework, which needs to be “nourished” with age, helps to retain fluid and prevent swelling.

In addition to the wrong lifestyle with a lack of sleep, bad habits and daily coffee, dark circles are genetic – not only the beautiful figure from the mother to inherit.

Dark circles can signal a collection in the body, so it is worth visiting a therapist before making an appointment with a cosmetologist.

Cosmetics moisturize and even out the skin, but for a really deep effect, in addition to massage, patches, cream and concealer, cosmetic procedures will be required.

Injection procedures with preparations based on hyaluronic acid, peptides and other components give a good effect. Biorevitalization (Mesoeye) is an injection in the eye area that brightens, reduces swelling, normalizes the volume of substances and improves skin quality. Thus, this procedure significantly rejuvenates the delicate area and reduces (does not completely remove) the dark circles under the eyes.

One of the most popular procedures is plasmolifting (PRP therapy). The procedure stimulates the production of collagen and elastin using the patient’s own blood plasma. After this procedure, dark circles become almost invisible. The procedure is carried out with a course of 3-5 sessions, a direct contraindication is a disease of the blood and liver.

To fill the nasolacrimal groove, contour plastic surgery is performed using fillers based on hyaluronic acid. This procedure evens out the relief, due to which dark circles become less noticeable. The only contraindication to the procedure is pregnancy and lactation, but after such contouring, it is not recommended to use cosmetics, make scrubs, peels, go to the pool and sauna.

You can tighten the skin by synthesizing collagen: its volume forms the thickness of our skin. For this purpose, the Scarlet RF needle-lifting hardware procedure is suitable. It allows you to work in the sensitive area around the eyes close to the ciliary edge, and gives a noticeable anti-aging effect. The number of fine wrinkles is reduced, and skin color improves. 3 procedures are carried out once a month. About a month before the Scarlet RF lifting, biorevitalization is recommended – well-moisturized skin responds better to hardware effects.

Ultraformer tightens the upper eyelid by reducing ligaments – this allows you to reduce puffiness under the eyes, but this procedure will not work on dark circles.

You can work with the skin around the eyes using microcurrent therapy, micromassage with the German ultrasound machine LDM and electroporation. Thanks to microcurrent therapy, the circular muscle of the eyes is strengthened, muscle tone is restored, blood supply and lymph flow are improved. After the procedure, swelling and redness appear, which disappear after 2-3 days.

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