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How to apply face cream to postpone a trip to the beautician: clear instructions in sketches

Do not touch your face with dirty hands, always rinse off cosmetics, apply cream along massage lines – these are the main rules that will help you to avoid going to a cosmetologist for a long time. The first two do not require explanation, but let’s deal with the third paragraph. Do not be afraid of the apparent complexity: to master the skill of applying cosmetics correctly is simple, just do it a couple of times. And benefits per million: from solving momentary problems such as bags under the eyes to maintaining skin tone and reducing wrinkles. A map of the movement along the lines is attached!

“It’s really important to apply funds precisely along the massage lines,” , cosmetologist, dermatovenerologist at the TORI Aesthetic Medicine Clinic. – They are not random, but coincide with the directions of the lymph flow. As a result, by stimulating them, you get a good lymphatic drainage effect, and do prophylaxis of edema. In addition, along these lines, the skin is least susceptible to stretching, which is also very important.

You should always follow the massage lines when it comes to care: remove makeup, cleanse your skin, apply serums and creams. You just need to accustom yourself to this route.

What other rules are important to follow? Apply funds or remove makeup with light movements: you do not need to rub or pull the skin, the effect will be directly opposite to what was expected. So, let’s go through the zones:

Start with the chin area
The area that is responsible for the flawless oval of the face is the chin. To prevent the contour from blurring, apply the cream from the middle of the chin up the jaw line to the ears. The movements are calm, do not push hard, but you can run over the skin with light pats – so get additional stimulation.

Lip area massage
Lowered corners of the lips – plus a few years and a sad look, but this set does not paint anyone. This small defect can be corrected with the help of simple manipulations and a cosmetologist, but you can strongly postpone injection procedures, accustoming yourself to massage.

Move your fingers from the corners of the lips a little up to the temples. Repeat the movement several times to activate lymph and stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen.

Cheek massage and cheekbone workout
Massage lines of the cheekbones go from the wings of the nose to the ears – this area is called the “facelift line”. Do not forget to carefully work out this area in the direction of the lines, in no case do not stretch the skin with too intense movements. And here it pulls and pulls it harder in an attempt to enhance the effect, we know. With your fingertips, massage brush or quartz roller – whatever, most importantly, move in smooth movements.

Forehead massage
Mobile facial expression provokes the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, in the nose bridge. First of all, problems arise with owners of dry skin. Massage lines of the forehead go from the nose to the temples parallel to the brow lines. The peculiarity of this zone is that the skin does not stretch too much, so the massage can be more intense than in the lower part of the face.

Eye area massage
This is the most delicate part of the face, you need to be especially careful with it. You can neither rub nor stretch. It is better to apply the cosmetic product with point, patting movements with the tips of the index fingers. Upper eyelid from the inner corner of the eye to the outer.

Lower – from the outer corner of the eye to the inner.

Not only how, but also how
Important! When choosing skin care products, consult with a specialist and buy only that treatment that is suitable for your skin type. Facial massagers will also be good helpers in the daily beauty routine. Try not to focus on massage, but on regularity. It is she – the key to success.


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