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From gels to enzymatic powders: a great guide to face cleansers

Cleansing Gels.

An expert cosmetologist at Nail Sunny Beauty Salon, recommends gels specifically for oily, problematic and combination skin, which needs thorough, but at the same time delicate cleansing.

Purpose: the task of the gel in this case is to deeply cleanse (but not to squeak), provide a matting, anti-inflammatory effect, narrow pores, and eliminate imperfections.


The basis of all gels is surfactants, which remove dirt and makeup residues. But, depending on the needs of the skin, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and other components can be added to washing gels.

Many products indicate the type of skin for which the gel is intended. If you see oily skin, it means that there are acids in the composition that cleanse and normalize the sebaceous glands.

If you do a light make-up, then only one gel will be enough for washing – it will remove the remnants of cosmetics. If you do persistent makeup, then you must first remove it, and then wash your face with gel.

During washing, do not leave the gel on the skin – this can play a trick on you. This category of funds is intended to collect everything that has accumulated on the face in a day. Otherwise, they can dry out the skin or cause an allergic reaction.

How to wash: moisten your hands, apply gel on them, foam and transfer the product to the skin, washing thoroughly, rinse the product with water.


Enzyme powder.

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Enzyme powder was invented in South Korea. Now this product is on the same shelf with such commonplace cares as gels and foams, but at the time of appearance, the powder with granules, which foamed when water was added, caused delight in some, and in others it was not too tough for daily cleansing of the skin. Indeed, for some, enzyme powder may seem too much for daily use. Therefore, expert recommends using it to owners of oily and combination skin. The product provides high-quality cleansing, matts the skin, without overdrying it, creates the effect of narrowing the pores.

Powder got its name from the main component – enzymes, natural enzymes, which, sliding on the skin, remove dirt and makeup residues. This is a kind of alternative to light peeling, so be careful with this treatment and see how the skin reacts to the use of powder.


Hydrophilic oil.

Another Korean “notion”, settled for a long time in our bathrooms. Tamara recommends using hydrophilic oil for those who have dry and sensitive skin – your cleanser should work gently, delicately and efficiently. As a rule, hydrophilic oil contains moisturizing, nourishing and hypoallergenic components. And it is also useful in winter, when due to wind, cold and dry air, the appearance of dryness, irritation and peeling is more likely.

The basis of the product is oils and emulsifiers, which foam when exposed to water. They are extremely effective in flushing super-resistant makeup: only hydrophilic oils can cope with the most “concrete” lipsticks M.A.C and Lime Crime – quickly and effortlessly break down the fats and waxes contained in the products. And the skin is not too dry.


Cleansing Foam.

The product is also suitable for owners of dry and sensitive skin – for you, the foam will be an alternative to a gel for washing. It will delicately remove rashes and at the same time it will not dry out and does not injure the skin.

Please note that the frequency of use of funds also depends on the type of skin. If you have dry skin, then wash your face with foam (or other means) once a day. In the morning you can use micellar water (which also needs to be washed off without fail). It is better to clean oily skin with a special product twice a day to avoid the appearance of excessive fat in the morning – do not forget that the sebaceous glands also work at night.

When applying foam (like any other cleanser), try not to smear it on the skin, but massage your face, as it were, thereby stimulating skin renewal. And one more beauty hack: do not be lazy and do not be afraid to use brushes for washing (now there are a huge number of them) along with leaving. So you increase the effectiveness of the first and save the amount of the second – you only need a drop of foam to make it Clarisonic or Foreo foam up to the right level.


How to understand the composition of means for washing?

Expert advises here to focus on the type of skin. “It is desirable that the product is based on a soft surfactant, best of all vegetable. Also pay attention to the care components that will improve the condition of the skin. D-panthenol, allantoin, aloe vera gel soothe and heal irritations and inflammations, clay deeply cleanses and mattes, salicylic acid, tea tree oil, coal extracts fight acne, ANA acids gently exfoliate and even out relief, hyaluronic acid, oils, vitamin E intensively moisturize, collagen and retinol increase elasticity and smooth wrinkles. ” If you are well-versed in the composition, then make no mistake when choosing a cleanser, which says “for all skin types.” Choose care according to your needs and season.

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