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Emergency measures: how to restore skin after the sun

The sun dries the skin and hair, taking moisture: the skin perceives ultraviolet rays as a damaging factor – the body immediately launches a recovery program.

The skin begins to instantly protect itself from UV rays – a layer of dead cells becomes a protective barrier against harmful external factors. The main cells of the epidermis of the skin – keratinocytes, mature at an accelerated pace, intercellular cement does not have time to form between them, and moisture freely passes through the resulting microcracks.

After prolonged sunbathing, the inflamed, reddened skin with dilated vessels evaporates more water in order to cool.


A burn may not occur – the skin does not blush, it does not tighten, there is no burning sensation, but there is inflammation. Any tan is formed at the site of the inflammatory reaction. After the beach, moisturize the skin with a cream, which contains moisture-retaining, anti-inflammatory and softening ingredients. This procedure must be carried out daily after the sun, even if neither tan nor redness is visible on the skin.

The main stages of home care are cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition.

Returning from the beach, take a shower to wash off the remnants of sunscreen, sea salt and other impurities. Even if there are no visible manifestations, the skin is inflamed, so choose mild, sulfate-free cleansers, excluding scrubs and peels from the care. After the shower, do not rub the skin with a towel, apply a tonic on the face and décolleté.


Funds marked after sun will moisturize and soothe the skin, they are responsible for this – terminal water, allantoin (an antioxidant with a softening and healing effect), bisabolol, B vitamins and aloe extract. But it is better to exclude oil from care for the duration of inflammation.

At home, inflamed skin will help soothe a night mask. Be sure to put a special cream “after the sun” in the Travel cosmetic bag – it can be applied every day during the day.

Returning from a trip, be sure to visit the beautician. One of the many procedures for restoring facial skin after the sun is the Sothys exclusive “Seasonal Active Serium Care” complex. It contains natural ingredients without preservatives of animal origin, and, most importantly, it does not contain hormones that can be addictive. Weekly care helps restore the skin’s water balance, moisturizes and nourishes it from the inside.

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