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Cold season: 5 life hacks for perfect skin

In the cold season, the skin is subject to stress: dryness, dehydration and redness appear from the first weather changes and are difficult to eliminate.

Frozen. Close-up portrait of chilled female face covered in snow ice.

Body cream should be in a jar.

Body products in vials with a pump set aside until spring. Winter beauty products should be in the banks – this is the key to your confidence that the cream is quite oily. Only light, airy products are packaged in bottles, which in the cold season will not be enough!

Add oil.

Before applying to the skin, coconut or argan oil should be added to the cream for face and body – with it it will become softer, and the cream will be better absorbed.

Mask before going to bed.

To restore skin overnight, apply hydrogel or any other mask with a high content of hyaluronic acid before bedtime.

Use a soft scrub.

Instead of an abrasive scrub, give preference to a milder tool. For example, mix brown sugar with coconut oil. The oil will prevent the skin from cracking, and the sugar, melting, will gently exfoliate the keratinized layer.⠀

Buy Vitamin F Cream.

It is cheap and effective: before going to bed, apply a thick layer of cream with vitamin F on the skin and leave it to soak for 20 minutes, remove the remaining tissue with a napkin. The skin will calm down and the redness will disappear.

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