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Beauty refrigerator: a fashion trend or a useful gadget

In recent years, a trend has emerged among beautygolics around the world – the organization and beautiful storage of cosmetics. Cosmetics are laid out on acrylic boxes, special inserts are ordered for brushes in the chest of drawers, and care products from the bathroom shelves are moved to beauty refrigerators. Everything must have its place.

With the advent of magic eye patches in our beauty routine, women began to store a remedy for puffiness among yoghurts, vegetables and cans of sauce in the refrigerator.

The first beauty refrigerators we saw at the editor-in-chief of the American Allure Michelle Lee. The beauty guru arranged beautiful jars, packages with products and quartz rollers in cute mini-refrigerators, which were located on her cosmetic table.

In small cute refrigerators, all care products are stored: patches, fabric masks, creams, serums and scooters.

A cosmetologist at Remedy Lab, told us what products must be stored in the refrigerator.

As a rule, this applies to products that contain vitamin C – at normal or elevated temperatures, it is destroyed. Especially if he is standing in the bathroom, where warm and hot water often flows.

Cream, serum, wipes with vitamin C are always kept in the refrigerator. Acids (as well as AHA acids) are also destroyed in a warm environment, so it is also worth keeping them cool.

At cold temperatures, patches are usually stored around the eyes, but not because their components are destroyed by heat – this is just convenient for use, since the cold helps reduce swelling.

But it is worth noting that cosmetics manufacturers create such products that, when used regularly, are able to maintain the effectiveness of the components for 8 months. And they do not require refrigeration.

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