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Apple for the skin: why do we need cosmetics with this ingredient

The main properties of apples

“For medical and cosmetic purposes, use all parts of the fetus. The pulp, peel and seeds differ in their chemical composition and to varying degrees affect the human body and skin.
An apple can contain up to 90% of water, which contributes to good skin hydration, the rest is fiber, polysaccharides and various vitamins and minerals. The seeds of apples contain a unique vitamin B17, which in medicine is considered the main enemy of cancer cells. Amino acids (citric and malic), vitamins C, E, A, PP and others are found in all parts of apples ”.

According to the expert, three types of apples are used in cosmetics:

– apple extract

– Apple acid,

– stem cells of a Swiss apple.

And in each form, an apple has its own properties and effects on a particular type of skin.


What type of skin is apple cosmetics suitable for?

Most often, apple extract (especially oil obtained from apple seeds) is used to moisturize the skin and give the face an even tone and radiance. At the same time, apple bioflavonoids are powerful antioxidants that also smooth wrinkles, and also protect against adverse environmental influences, preventing premature aging and lethargy of the skin.

Also, apple extract is great for girls and women who struggle with pigmentation: the apple brightens the spots and makes the skin smooth.

For women older than 35 years, it is better to look for funds that contain stem cells from a Swiss apple. They are able to penetrate deep into the skin and fight skin aging, smoothing even very deep wrinkles. Swiss apple serum stem cells are especially good!

This fruit is ideal for adolescents or owners of oily or problem skin type. Especially if the remedy contains malic (hydroxy succinic) acid, which is secreted from the pulp of unripe apples. It has antioxidant, cleansing, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, enhances cellular metabolism. No wonder it is often added to the composition of surface peels that can cleanse the skin of dying epidermis. Unlike chemical peels, preparations based on malic acid do not lead to severe peeling and skin irritation.

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