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5 treatments to replace a gym trip

Endosphere (endosphere therapy)

The comfortable and absolutely painless procedure is carried out using the device – a special nozzle-manipulator, in which 60 silicone spheres work simultaneously, easily glides over the body surface and provides the necessary vibration to “squeeze out” excess fluid, which activates blood circulation, eliminates cellulite, treats venous and lymphatic stagnation.

The endosphere therapy procedure can be done even during pregnancy, after consultation with a gynecologist, but cannot be performed for skin diseases.



Miostimulation is the effect of electrical impulses on muscles. Muscle fibers contract, activating the body’s natural processes. The procedure allows you to normalize blood flow and lymph flow, to simulate the contours of the body.

This procedure is effective for those who have preserved muscle memory after playing sports. Miostimulation is suitable for preparing the body for manual massage – the procedure improves blood circulation.


One of the most popular procedures for modeling the body is lipomassage, which is done using vacuum-vibration nozzles. The procedure is carried out in a special suit, which facilitates the sliding of the nozzle over the body and prevents stretching of the skin.

The LPG technique is compared to manual massage, but one of the contraindications is pregnancy and endocrine diseases.


Coolsculping – non-surgical liposuction to combat local fat deposits, which can not cope with training, diets and massages. During the procedure, the apparatus non-invasively freezes fat cells to stimulate the breakdown of fats. As a result, in one session, the amount of fat in the treated area is reduced by 20-30 percent.

Arosha Wrap

To wrap Arosha, specialists impregnate bandages with plant extracts and essential oils – this composition has a powerful lifting and lymphatic drainage effect.

Arosha wrap will show excellent results in one session thanks to the composition that removes water, but to achieve a long-lasting effect, you need to go through a course of procedures.

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